Fly Tying


Hook: Size 14 Scud/Pupae Hook

Thread: 8/0 Black

Bead: Small Glass Bead

Gills/Tail: White Fentex

Body: Black Acetate Floss

Rib: Small Silver Wire

Wingcase: Pheasant Tail

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Solvent: Acetone

Slide on glass bead to eyelet and then tie in a smal piece of white fentex for the tail.

Tie in some small silver wire, which will be used to rib the fly later.

Tie in some black Acetate floss at the bend of the hook.

Wrap acetate floss forward to form the body.

Wrap silver wire forward about 7 to 8 turns to form the ribbing.

Whip finish the thread, remove fly from vise and dip entire fly into acetone for about 15 seconds.

Let the fly dry for about one minute before putting back into vise.


Acetate floss should have slightly dissovled and created a nice, shiny body on the fly.

Tie in a few strands of Pheasant Tail, which will be pulled over later to create a wingcase.

Tie in a few peacock herls and wrap forward to form the thorax.

Pull the pheasant tail, over the thorax, to form the wingcase.

Trim excess pheasant tail, whip finish and the fly is ready for your next Chironomid hatch!

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