Fly Tying


Hook: Dry Fly Size 8 to 12

Thread: 6/0 Brown

Underbody/Tail: Tan foam

Body: Olive crystal chenille

Hackle: Dyed brown grizzly

Legs: Round brown rubber legs

Overbody/Tail: Brown foam

Underwing: Green crystal flash

Overwing: Elk hair

Head: Peacock dubbing

Thorax: Brown foam

Indicator: Yellow foam

Tie in a good base layer of thread.

Tie in the foam under body to form a tail.

Wrap thread forward, over foam, towards eyelet and then cut off excess foam leaving a small foam head.

Tie in a good length of tinsel at the rear of the hook, which will be used to form the body later.

Tie in the hackle at the rear of the hook. This will be used to hackle the body later.

Wrap tinsel forward to form the body

Wrap hackle forward, over body, to palmer the fly.

Tie in some brown foam to form the top tail. This will also be used as the over body on the fly.

Tie in 2 rubber legs, on both sides of the hook, near the rear of the hook.

Wrap thread forward and tie in the foam over body leaving room for a dubbed head.

Tie in a crystal flash wing so its length extends just past the tail.

Tie in some stacked elk hair to form a wing over the crystal flash.

Both the crystal flash and elk hair should be the same length.


Dub a large head on the fly.

Pull brown foam back over dubbed head to form the thorax.

Cut foam thorax to shape and add 2 more sets of rubber legs to front of fly

An optional yellow foam indicator can be added for enhanced visability.

Whip finish and the fly is ready for some high floating, dry fly action.

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