Fly Tying

Black fox leech

Hook: Size 10 to 12 nymph

Thread: 6/0 Black

Bead: Medium blood red

Tail: Black fox

Tail Highlights: Green crystal flash

Dubbing: Black fox with red wire

Slide red bead onto hook and tie in good base layer of thread.

Tie in a clump of black fox for the tail. Measure the tail so it is the length of the hook.

Tie in 2 strands of crystal flash for the tail highlights.

Create a dubbing brush using red wire and black fox fur.

Tie in dubbing brush near rear of hook.

Wrap dubbing forward to form black fox body.

Pick out the black fox fur so that the bodies red wire starts to show.

Tie in 2 rubber legs, on both sides of the hook, near the rear of the hook.

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