Fly Tying

Brians Blood Leech

Hook: Size 10 – 2x long Streamer

Thread: 6/0 Black

Weight: 0.020 Lead Wire

Bead: Red Glass Bead

Tail: Purple Marabou with Red

Fluorofiber Highlights

Body: Black and Red Mohair

Place bead onto hook and slide up to eyelet.

Tie in a clump of purple marabou for the tail.

Tie in 2 to 4 strands of red fluorofiber for the tail highlights.

With thread at the back of the hook, wrap in some lead wire for the weight.

Tie in some red copper wire at the back of the hook.

If you have a dubbing table, pull the thread forward, lay the black and red mohair onto the thread,

pull the red wire over the dubbing and wrap to form dubbing for the body.

For normal tying form a dubbing loop and dub the black and red mohair onto

the thread then use the red wire for ribbing the body.

Wrap the dubbing forward to form a tapered body.

Whip finish and the fly is ready for the water.

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