Fly Tying

CDC Caddis

Hook: TMC 100 Size 14

Thread: UTC 70 Black

Body: Ginger CDC

Wing: Dun CDC

Hackle: Ginger Dry Hackle

Cut ginger CDC strands into a tray for use in dubbing the body.

Tie on thread and dub ginger CDC onto thread.

Wrap dubbed CDC onto the hook and taper the body forward so 3/4 of the hook is dubbed.

Take a dun CDC feather and wind it up, in a CDC tool (if you have one).

Form a wing.

Tie in the wing.

Cut the wing back to the length of the hook.

Tie in a hackle and take a few wraps around the hook to form the legs.

Whip finish and the fly is ready for a caddis hatch.

Tie in a crystal flash wing so its length extends just past the tail.

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