Fly Tying

Deep Water Crazy Canuck

Hook: Mustad 34007 Size 4

Thread: 3/0 White

Underbody: Large Pearl Tinsel

Body: Medium Clear Vinyl Ribbing

Eyes: Medium Bead Chain Eyes

Underbeard: Pearl Crystal Flash

Overbeard: White Polar Bear Hair

Tie in a strand of tinsel. This will be used for the underbody later.

Tie in a length of clear vinyl ribbing. This will be used for the body later.

Take the tinsel and wrap forward to form the underbody.

Take the vinyl ribbing and wrap over the tinsel to form the body.

Take one set of bead chain eyes and tie in at the head.

Take the hook out of the vise, flip upside down and put the hook back in the vise.

Tie in about 8 strands of crystal flash for the underbeard.

Whip finish, head cement and the fly is ready for bonefish.

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