Fly Tying

Holographic chironomid

Hook: Size 14 Scud/Pupae Hook

Thread: 8/0 Black

Butt: Bright Orange or Red Thread

Body: Medium Holographic Tinsel

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Bead: 3/32 Gold Tungsten Bead

Gills: White Antron Yarn

Tie in some white antron yarn for the gills.

Whip finish, take hook out of vise and slide bead up to eye.

Tie on red or orange thread and form a small butt on the fly.

Tie in medium holographic tinsel and wrap forward to form the body.

Tie in one peacock herl and wrap, behind bead, to form the thorax.

Cut the gills to about 1/8” long.

Whip finish and the fly is ready for your local lakes.

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