Fly Tying

Maroon Beadhead Chironomid

Hook: TMC 2457 Size 12 Scud

Thread: 8/0 Maroon

Tag: Red Copper Wire

Body: Maroon Frostbite

Rib: Red Copper Wire

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Bead: 1/8 Silver Tungsten

Gills: White Antron

Tie on thread near eyelet.

Tie in a small clump of antron, about 1/8" long, for the gills (do not trim).

Whip finish thread, take the hook from the vise and slide a bead onto hook with the large hole of bead towards the eyelet.

Tie thread on again and build up a tapered body so the bead does not slide.

Tie in copper wire at the hook bend, for ribbing later.

Tie in frostbite and wrap forward to form a tapered, thin body.

Take 3 to 4 turns, with the red copper wire, around the base of the hook to form a butt on the fly.

Wrap red copper wire forward on hook to form 5 to 6 ribs on the fly.

Tie in one strand of peacock herl behind the bead and take 3 to 4 turns to form a small thorax on the fly.

Whip finish and cut the gills so they are about 1/8" long.

The fly is now ready for the spring chironomid hatches.


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