Attractor Pack


  • Humungous Booby (3 per pack)
  • Pork Booby (3 per pack)
  • Tequila Booby (3 per pack)
  • Cotton Candy Booby (3 per pack)

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Humungous Booby – Size 10 (3 per pack)
The Humungous Booby was introduced to us by good friend Morgan McLean on Phillips Lake. He was competing in the Canadian Nationals and this proved to be one of his most effective patterns.

Pork Booby – Size 10 (3 per pack)
This Booby Pattern is Dale’s favourite and it was called the ‘Lil Piggy’ when we first started using it. It is now rightly named ‘Pork’ and one of our TOP producing attractor patterns, especially for Dale.

Tequila Booby – Size 10 (3 per pack)
The Tequila Booby is one of the most effective attractor patterns ever created for lakes and rivers. Used on a full sink line with a fast, erratic retrieve, this fly is deadly for ALL freshwater fish species… we have even caught Pike on this pattern!

Cotton Candy Booby – Size 10 (3 per pack)
We’ve found over time that sometimes the fish want very little flash and this fly is perfect during those situations.


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